I am glad to recover my ovarian cysyts by herbal therapy

Carrie Howeird

Carrie Howeird


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Ovarian Cysts


Herbal Therapy



Dr. Morse is amazing and has helped so many people including myself. With the raw vegan/fruitarian diet I have reversed my ovarian cysts in 6 months. The herbs that Dr. Morse uses are of high quality and definitely worth the money, they have helped me deal with curbing some of the major detox systems on the road to well-ville. Dr. Morse's staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I even had the opportunity to work with one of his health coaches and have started implementing the advice I received. 14 months raw vegan/fruitarian and I'm never going back! The only diet that has worked for me, when everything else has failed- after many years of doctors, misdiagnoses, medications, and bio-identical hormones. I have more energy, my weight is balanced, sleep better, and I have an overwhelming sense of calm. Nothing tastes better than being healthy and having good health. Thank you, Dr. Morse and staff, for all that you do in helping others. God Bless!

Herbalist: Dr. Morse's Herbal Health Club

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