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July 05, 2018
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I have been suffering from migraine for last 20 + years. I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency that flared my migraine and seizures to the point it was unbearable. I worked in the army for 8 years and I look back I was on the verge of an adrenal crisis constantly and had no idea. I did not have a clue till I started cortisol replacement. 

I knew adrenal insufficiency was dangerous and knew about and was not educated than others about and yet it escaped me. It was a fluke even my doctor found it. Being a trauma nurse for more than 15 years, my migraine probably flared because of nature of my job as well. 

My doctor has learned not everyone fits in a box. He wanted to argue and make me function on 30mg a day. I can’t even get out of bed on 30mg. For me to be able to even shower I require 50mg minimum for Solucortef and my cortisol pump for my adrenal insufficiency

I feel  so alone an isolating. You start becoming antisocial because you can’t rely on feeling well enough to go out and don’t want to cancel so people quit asking.  I have learned I love me! I love my alone time! Cup of tea with honey lemon and ginger rain sounds and incense and meditation with my dog. Helps a lot. I stretch and meditate to thunderstorm sounds and my incense. Even my pup likes the sound of thunderstorms! I have to wear cover my head because it pounds so much.   Imagine your head in a vice and your eyes feel like they are being squished out of your head and your brain is being pushed down.

I feel that Society today is obsessed with a pill! If I can eat something to fix me instead I do. If my body craves it I eat it. Chances are I need something in the food to stabilize. We have forgotten to slow down and listen to our own bodies as they are screaming for relief and rest.


I crave lemons like crazy. My body seeks acidity. The stomach wants to be acidic. So t goes crazy producing what it is supposed to in order to achieve the acidic level it needs. Take acidic items into the body it creates an acidic stomach and it turns the pumps off because the environment is more acidic. Spicy foods are the best! Capsaicin within the spicy foods stimulates the stomach to produce that mucous lining that protects itself from the intense acid it produces! Plus the capsaicin releases endorphins in the brain. This fights Pain.

I’ve cleaned our house of chemicals and still am. I make our laundry soap and dishwasher detergent. To get rid of the commercial chemicals

Vinegar is a staple in our house used for clothes to soften and kill the bacteria and viruses. No need for extra hot water or bleach set it to tap cold and hand wash. Also softens the clothes.

We use vinegar as a bath rinse. No deodorants. We use oils.They are barely smelled when not warm but when you move around and heat up they become aromatic. Vinegar kills the microbes on the body without killing healthy flora. Tea tree lavender and sandalwood all have antimicrobial properties. So spray the feet no one has stinky feet in our house. Lol. I made a batch of laundry soap a year ago. Still using it. You only need like a teaspoon. 

I have used CBD, meditation, oils, incense . Lavender and sandalwood are two that are calming and help inflammation. Incense sandalwood and frankincense which is a natural mood booster giving pain relief as well. I have also used wild leaf lettuce and belladonna to help calm me. Natural therapies have been very effective. I don’t work any more as a nurse.

If I can help one person find hope and relief somewhere in the dark I will be happy.

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