Bsrao Rao
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May 23, 2018
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Diabetes: Type II
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120 days
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My HbA1C: 9.9% I was taking insulin, tablets and taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol.


  1. I started on Low Carb High Fat diet/Keto diet  and here are the reading after 110 days.
    Without medicine my readings after 110 days.
    Hba1C:  9.9 to 5.4%.
    Weight: 90 to 73kg.
    RBS: 240 -130.
    Waist loss:  6 inch.

    My typical diet for a day:
    2 solid diet followed.
    Early morning 500 ml water after I wake up
    Warm water with 300 ml water and lemon
    300 ml water before BF with 1 multi vitamin tablet
    Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs or plain omelet with cheese/vegetables /mushroom– 4Almonds, 4walnuts, 2 spoons coconut oil in green tea  , sunflower, pumpkin seeds 2 spoons.
    11a.m.: 500 ml of water and green tea with coconut oil 2 spoons
    1:00 p.m. Lunch:  Fish or Chicken or mutton Fry in butter with salads..or any Vegetable Curry with paneer with 5 walnuts, One soda 300 ml with lemon. With Coconut half piece optional.
    Evening: 500 ml of water or butter milk diluted along with lemon.
    7:00 p.m.: 500 ml of water 30 minutes before soup
    Vegetable/Chicken or Mutton broth/ soup 300 ml with lemon and butter.
    300 ml of water before sleep

    I use only Coconut oil, Pure ghee, Olive oil, Butter, cream on curd and cheese. 70gm fat per day..10 days. Later 40gm per day.
    Sea salt only. 3 lemons per day.
    I eat 10 almonds, 10 cashews and 15 walnuts everyday with 5 spoons of flax seed in one time as solid diet.
    No snacks in between. Followed weekly twice intermittent fasting 16 hr
    I avoid all sugary drinks, potatoes, beans, refined flour, fruits, sugar and grains, msg, colors.

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