Deanna Mae
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July 09, 2018
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I'm 32 years old and weighed 320 pounds in 2016. My son had been diagnosed with Autism 4 years back in 2014 and I got very depressed. I started eating all the time as side effect of depression. To make the matters worse, I had to go for Parathyroid surgery. I knew that I had to change my lifestyle for my son. 


I started on Low Carb diet and this morning when I stepped on the scales I was 219.

 I cannot wait to see how much farther I can go. I try to limit my carbs 20 less/day with lots of meat, eggs, sugar free jello for something sweet. I try to eat  cheese once in a while and try my best not to have a cheat day. 

Typical Day:

Eggs for breakfast

Hamburger with cheese for lunch stake

Green beans for supper and about 100 oz of water.

Desserts: Sugar free jello with canned whipped cream 

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