Rajneesh Agarwal
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August 29, 2018
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Diabetes: Type I
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I was written off as dead after treatment at the best hospitals in India and told my right leg has to be amputated because I had an incurable infection resistant to all antibiotics. I was in and out of hospitals for nine months with six surgeries and couldn’t even turn on the bed without help.(July 2015 to Feb 2016). I could not eat for months due to blisters. My foot became jet black and even with a gentle touch there was excruciating pain. I was told that I would never stand up and had to walk with a catheter in my bladder and a urine bag in my hand with no one by my side.


I got very tired of medicating myself and losing hope that I stopped all medicines including painkillers,multivitamins, gastrointestinal meds,supplements etc. I had diabetes but stopped insulin and started simple tablets.

I was recommended to try Homeopathy and consulted my Homeopathic doctor in Jan. 2016. The treatment had started with Aurum Met 200 once a day for five days along with ChinaQ & Avena Sat Q..8 drops each in half cup water 3 tea spoons before meals and later on with Silecia 200 &. Gunpowder 3x and with Secale Cor. In between Hypericum. In addition, I was also prescribed Calcarea Phos.

I have started full office and am even driving, playing table tennis and resumed my life. I am not a doctor but a huge fan of homeopathy. I am a Chartered Accountant but help many around me for day to day problems like fever, injury, colds,cough, nausea, belching, flatulence etc and advocate Homeopathy.

My Viewpoint: The diagnostic and interventional treatment in allopathy has evolved a lot but all the allopathic medicines are synthesised chemicals, toxic, suppress but not cure and severely damage the life force -prana Shakti and natural immunity.

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