Homeopathy helped my little boy recover from Jaundice

Vivian Bals

Vivian Bals


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I met Eileen when my baby boy was about 1 week old, he was diagnosed with jaundice We were told in the hospital that it will last at least 12 weeks as his bilirubin levels were very high. After the first dose of his remedy, we could see the effects. His stool color changed, the skin started to change color, we could actually see how the jaundice was fading away day by day. Because of his remedies he never suffered from colic. He had a bit of regurgitation but Eileen looked after us and the problem didn’t last long. I was a bit skeptic at the beginning and stopped the remedy but the moment I did he started regurgitating and had the hiccups for about 40-50 minutes. Back on the remedy and it’s all gone. He suffered from constipation (soft stool but used to struggle when passing the stool out) again after the first dose the problem was gone. At 6 month he is such a healthy little boy, nearly 12 kg, with 6 teeth that came out so easy no fever, no struggle and again because we’re giving him the remedies. Such a gentle way of treating everything, non-invasive with no side effects. It’s worth seeing your child happy healthy and content, I definitely recommend Eileen.

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