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January 29, 2020
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I Would like to share my Personal Experience regarding Homeopathic Treatment.

Recently my 1.8 years old Daughter having severe Vomiting and Loose motion Problem. Due to that, she is not able to eat anything and she is getting so Weak. So Urgently we had Consulted Dr. Esha Sheth and quickly started Homeopathic Treatment. Within 2-3 days my daughter fully recovered and get in the normal routine. After Homeopathy Treatment she is getting better and better.. Later I came to know that same problem as my daughter reported in my friend circle and they got Allopathy treatment in Hospital for 3 days. Too much for small Baby... Homeopathic Treatment is the best for Small kids as per my Experience...

I Heartily Thank Homeopathic Consultant Dr. Esha Sheth and Dr. Nisha Sheth for their Kind Service...

Homeopathic Doctor: Homeopathic consultants Dr. Esha Sheth & Dr. Nisha Sheth

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