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June 28, 2019
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Cancer Care

Back in July 2018 my Fiance Erica Murphy was Diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 3 Breast Cancer. We went through all her Doctors appointments even though it felt endless. We even went to the biggest Cancer facility in L.A. and the Doctor literally told her that if she didn't do Chemo or Radiation that the Insurance wouldn't pay them and it was the only way she would be treated. Now in my head, that didn't sound right to me. So Erica decided she didn't want to do traditional western medicine (Chemo/radiation). The reason I'm sharing this story is to let people know that there are other alternative ways of healing the body to help it fight cancer. Unfortunately, most of what they do over the border is illegal here in the states. I wasn't big on going over the border for treatment at first because I did not know much about it and how they treat, but Erica had done extensive research on the clinics out in Mexico and she decided it was the best way to heal her body and fight this horrible disease. We visited many facilities until we came across Verita Life in Tijuana. They are amazing and treated us like family there. They were very personal and would be there by her side at any second that she needed them. If she needed them on a day we were not at the clinic we could call a doctor personally at any time of the day or night. As of now her last 2 Blood test shows no cancer on her Cancer markers which is a very good sign, she is still doing at home treatments with dendritic cell vaccines and will be rechecked again in a couple months.
We are willing to help anyone that knows a loved one or friend with this horrible disease and lead them in the right direction. Thank you and God bless to all.

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