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August 02, 2019
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Joint Pain

I went to see Ajita for Ayruveda Consultation. I was recently diagnosed with CRPS in my lower right leg, ankle, and foot. For those of you that don't know CRPS is one of the most painful diseases you can get. It is where the nerves are over active and everything hurts, from the wind to showering, and everything in between. In the 7 months since my diagnoses my life had gone from happy and full to depressing, pain riddled and sad. It was unbelievable how quickly and completely constant overwhelming pain changed my life. My pain specialist, a western doctor, was out of options as I had reacted badly to all of the usual medication. I was on way too many narcotics, and the doctors where quickly running out of options to manage my pain. I was feeling lost and hopeless when I went to Ajita. From the moment I walked in the door Ajita made me feel welcomed and comfortable. She exudes the most positive life changing energy. Ajita gave me hope where I didn't have any, and the possibility of a normal life. Every part of what we did I was involved with the decisions, from going through symptoms to developing a plan. I was included and given the power to make my life better. As anyone with pain know, western doctors make you feel powerless and like you are doing everything wrong. It was such a change to be given the power to make my body better.
Within the first time of meeting with Ajita at the Sanctuary I left feeling better than I had in months. And the best part was I woke up the next day without my pain being the first thing on my mind. Which was the BEST feeling in the world! After a few more days with Ajita I was feeling back to myself before pain, and my friends and family saw the change as well.
Ajita guided me through how to do all the therapies at home, as I am not local to the Sanctuary location, the ability to do everything myself was key. She walked me through everything before hand, making sure I was comfortable and open to whatever we were going to do. She now has me doing Massage with oils and a warm herbal bundle, herbal supplements, positive thought and awareness breathing, meditation, Epsom Salt Baths, and Yoga Nidra. Most of these things I had never heard of, but after spending time with Ajita I feel like I know enough to understand and do these things in my home, and daily life.
Ajita has been incredible answering all my questions about everything; even as I go through the struggles of keeping up with all my exercises while participating in my life. She gave me resources online as well as through her to continue to learn more about things I can do to help my body get better. I know that the CRPS will most likely never be completely gone, but having the tools that Ajita gave me, allow me to feel like its gone and that is enough for me.
I will never be able to Thank Ajita enough for what she has done for my life. She gave me hope and the power to do something about my pain, and that is the greatest gift of all.
I would highly recommend visiting the Sanctuary and Ajita for any health related issues. Especially if you feeling alone, helpless, or lost with western medicine. They can give you a hope that your life can and will get better. I just cannot say enough amazing things about the Sanctuary and Ajita! Thank You!

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