Funtional Medication helped us to recover our vitamin depletion

Amy Lagrange

Amy Lagrange


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Functional Medicine


My husband and I were frustrated in the medical world to say the least...We were both feeling tired, sluggish, no Ambition to really do anything...We just weren't feeling good...We'd go to the doctor and our PCP told us there was nothing wrong...but yet, my husband & I continued to feel drained.

That's when we started to see Dr. Bradley...He tested for a varity of different things. Items that your regular PCP does not...I later found out my vitamin D was dangerously low... By taking the needed supplements and changing my diet, I feel so much better than I did before.

It is so encouraging to see a doctor, who doesn't treat you like a "conveyor belt" Patient, and actually listens to your concerns.

Dr. Bradley is truly one of a kind, and is very gifted at his profession. I highly recommend if you are in the same boat I was, just not feeling good, and not getting any answers for your PCP, give Dr Bradley a try!

Functional Medicine Doctor: EPIC Functional Medicine Center

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