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June 28, 2019
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Brie and Brie’s team have helped my eczema and brain fog healing journey tremendously. I would highly recommend seeing Brie. This is truly the best investment I have done in my life, and I’ve had serious health problems in the past. I’ve been hospitalized and wrapped with bandages, soaked with olive oil to try and stop me from scratching. I’ve had numerous shingles and eczema/ infection Breakouts I’ve been working with Brie for 9 months now and I’m seeing absolutely amazing results! I’ve suffered from severe chronic eczema on and off for 29 years. It’s not till now I’m seeing real healing and progress. Mentally I feel more focused, less scattered, more clarity. Beforehand I felt sluggish, I had a lack of focus, I had poor physical coordination, I had difficulty in concentrating on tasks and poor memory. I’ve lost 11lbs, my skin is smoother, the eczema areas are healing, I don’t scratch anymore. I feel more calm and at ease. I have so much energy now. It is easy for me to Do HIT exercises before I couldn’t because sweat would make me itchy. Now I feel I have so much energy and I now enjoy exercising. Beforehand, I could barely run on a treadmill I felt I had no energy or motivation. From my lab results, it concluded it was because of the Candida And high coritisol hormones in the body that was affecting me. Before I had such a sweet tooth. Now I do not feel so hungry, totally satisfied by just eating a meal day- including doing a HIT class. I just feel so amazing and this isn’t the end results yet - I cannot wait for my eczema and brain fog to completely disappear. I feel like this journey has truly inspired me to share my story to others by sharing it onto my blog. That’s how beneficial Brie’s work has impacted me. I guarantee Brie will for sure be able to help those who also have autoimmune problems/ eczema/ brain fog.

Functional Medicine Doctor: Brie Wieselman, L.Ac Functional Integrative Medicine

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