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August 29, 2018
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I have gastritis & duodenitis. I have been taking 40mg Protonix once a day since mid November. I am currently weaning myself off. Protonix does help but you also need a complete overhaul on your diet, if you have not already. I also take a probiotic, & gas meds when needed. Before I was diagnosed with gastritis I had to go to the ER for stomach/back pain. My first experience with a flare up was HORRIBLE. Stomach pain, but the back pain was the worst of it all. I had no idea what was going on. It was enough to send me to the ER! I feel you!

I cried every day for 3 months straight. Severely depressed .I couldn't do the things I wanted to do with my 4yr old, couldn't plan anything, scared to eat, had to cancel a trip to Vegas, sat around and watched my husband do everything for me because I was hurting & sick. It makes you feel like CRAP. It was definitely a struggle. One day, something just clicked, and I got out of my "funk."

I started having pain in November 2017. For 3 months I had test after test & was in pain off and on. I was losing weight & depressed. January 2018, I finally had a scope done. I had Gastritis and nothing else. No answer to the cause of it. However, I noticed I would get really sick after eating pork. Didn’t know if it was coincidence or if I developed an allergy to it. Not sure if that caused my Gastritis or if just puts me in a flare.



Anyways, after my scope, I was told to cut out all pork, caffeine, carbonation, and fried greasy foods. I upped my fiber & stuck to a strict diet for a good 2-3 months. I have been on Protonix since November & I am currently weaning myself off of them. I have slowly added foods back in that I used to eat..except Pork. I take a daily probiotic, drink greens, take vitamin c & d & exercise regularly. I have felt the best I have ever felt! I still eat healthy-ish. I don’t deprive myself. I don’t eat a whole lot of dairy or bread either. Eliminated stress and I don’t take ibuprofen or any other pills unless I need too. It was a huge lifestyle change for me but it’s for the better! I do get the occasional bloat, gas, & tightness in my upper left side, but I have not had the pain that sent me to the ER since January.

I still have a few days here and there where I feel down, but I don't let it consume me.

I ate bland for a good 2 months. I am currently eating whatever I want, in moderation. I still stay away from caffeine, fried, greasy foods, & all pork meat. I am still taking my meds and will start weaning myself off in June. My pain started in November & I was diagnosed in January.

I started my Protonix in mid November. I felt "healed" by February. Meds & change of diet. Still taking my meds until June, then I will wean myself off.

I understand where all of you are coming from. A lot of us have been there. Hang in there & yes, we are all here to support each other.

What do I eat?

No caffeine, fried or greasy foods, more fruits and veggies. No pork, red meat in moderation, lots of chicken and turkey. I have also cut back on my dairy intake.

Greek honey yogurt with fresh blueberries & or strawberries & gluten free granola.

Broccoli, sweet potato fries, or mushrooms tossed with olive oil & roasted in the oven. I eat them with sliced/cubed turkey.

Apple cinnamon rice cakes topped with peanut butter.

Bananas, milk (we use low fat Fairlife) & vanilla. Blend it up for a smoothie. I add protein powder or my greens powder.

Try peaches & pears, diced turkey, almonds, no caffeine or carbonated drinks.

My day usually starts out with: Greek honey yogurt with gluten free vanilla granola & fresh blueberries or strawberries. Or oatmeal. I’ll have almonds or dried fruit for a snack. For lunch I will have a salad or a smoothie.

Sliced or cubed turkey with sweet potato fries or oven roasted carrots for dinner.

So not really a “diet” I just watch what I eat and stay away from the bad stuff!

I am off medication:

I did a bland diet for 3 months straight. This was November 2017-February 2018. I am doing pretty well. Occasional bloat & gas, but no more severe pain. I still maintain a somewhat healthy diet. Everything in moderation! I also just weaned myself off of Protonix. I  was told to up my fiber. So, I eat whole grain pasta. I don’t eat regular pasta anymore. I sure do miss it, but If I get a craving, I cook whole wheat pasta with olive oil & fresh garlic. I also sautée mushrooms and throw that in there too.

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