Diet therapy made me feel fantastic about my weight and diabetes



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Diabetes: Type I, Weight Problems


Diet Therapy


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I found Dr. Gerber when I moved to Colorado. I had been trying the Keto diet on my own and specifically hunted for a Dr. that would keep me on that path. And I am sooo glad I did. I sadly had to move away from Colorado, but I took what he taught me and continue on with it. To the point I nearly fired a Dr. because he kept trying to put me on metformin, and I said, look it is my body I know what is working and I don't want to change it. I just need my labs so I can see where I am. He finally agreed to keep me as I am on the byetta, and not mess with my diet. (though he did say he thinks I should eat more white rice and sweet potatoes!) I got my lab results back. Thank you Dr. Gerber. my A1c is now sat in a normal level of 5.6. On top of the total weight loss since beginning my journey of 44lbs. I am feeling fantastic and finally dropped under the 200 mark. Halfway there!

Diet Therapy Doctor: Denver's Diet Doctor

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