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August 03, 2019
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My husband and I have been consulting with Nadiya since January 2018, following an unexpected diagnosis I received of Lymphoma. We received very little management advice from the clinicians, but through routine interaction with Nadiya, we have initiated so many nutritional and related lifestyle changes that have really had a material impact and I feel so much more in control of my personal health and well-being. Her vast knowledge of nutrition, underpinned by relevant qualifications and experience, has enabled her to provide tailored and targeted professional advice on all occasions. Unlike some professionals, she welcomes questions and challenge and always has scientifically supported answers and explanations. She is very friendly and intuitive and knows how hard to push to achieve the required changes to bad nutritional habits. She possesses a genuine passion for her vocation, and perhaps more importantly, for engaging with her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough and would urge anyone with specific health problems or just a desire to improve their nutritional intake to spend some time with Nadiya.
Thank you, Nadiya, for your support, guidance and firm hand were needed over the last year and we will, of course, continue working with you on a regular basis.
Seema Khalil

Nutritionist: Nadiya Naturopathic Nutritionist

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