Chronic Knee Pain healed by Acupuncture

Marcos Redondo

Marcos Redondo


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Knee Pain


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Regardless of whether or not you choose to read this review in its entirety, you should know that if there is a problem you are dealing with, Vivian can help you. She is an incredible physician with an expertise that is only surpassed by how caring a person she is.

I first became a patient of Vivian's in 2010. I originally sought treatment as an alternative to sports massage after developing chronic problems in my knee from a torn hamstring. I've put my body through double-digit Iron Man competitions, an Ultra man, ultramarathons, etc. Every single time I leave Vivian's office I feel euphoric. Her Acupressure treatments go beyond simple pain relief; it's therapeutic. I feel incredibly relaxed and calm. My body temperature is regulated. I even find myself speaking more calmly and quietly.

Vivian always works with you to identify what the problem is and helps to correct whatever imbalance exists in your body with the kindest demeanor and the utmost care for your well-being.

All of this is to say that the treatment works and you should put your health in Vivian's capable hands. Whether it's sports-related, physical health, stress or anything else you may need, Vivian can help.

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