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August 02, 2019
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Headaches, Lower Back Pain

I have been going for about a year now. My husband started and was so impressed that he insisted I go with him. Amazing place - Dr. Levine and Dr. Mark are so kind, knowledgeable and wonderful (the front desk staff is amazing too, warm and lovely and so professional) and what a difference it has made for both of us! For him, he had been trying to fix something in his lower back for years, had been to several doctors before finally giving this a try even though he was not at all optimistic. It took a little while, the improvement was gradual, but within 6 months he is a changed man - no longer in pain. For me, I was getting constant headaches which had - as it turns out - a lot to do with my neck alignment and it's deterioration. The first thing to improve was my headaches - gone within the first month or two - amazing and unexpected. Secondly, my lower back has stopped going into spasm (it had laid me out more than once) and when I've had flare-ups, they've been mild and Dr. Levine or Dr. Mark fix me up right away. Would never have guessed the worlds best chiropractors were in South Orange - we both feel very blessed to have them only a few blocks from our home. Could not give a higher recommendation.

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