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September 08, 2018
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When I started that protocol I was overweight I weighed about 195 and I lost down to 165 and leveled off and been there ever since about 6 years ago. I helped a friend of mine with this protocol that was way overweight and he lost close to a hundred pounds and then leveled off at a perfect weight. I might add his cancer was also gone he had bladder cancer when we started.



I started with the Cellect Budwig Cancer Protocol and followed it carefully.

1. Diet

I would mix 12 tablespoons of Cottage Cheese & Flaxseed oil first thing in the morning. I would add Stevia, blueberries and strawberries.

I would also drink carrot juice as often as I can

2. Daily Advantage Vitamins

3. Barley Green

I got this from a website that talks about the protocol and diet:

Try to drink fresh carrot juice and add beetroot, broccoli and cabbage.

Then as often as you can (some people do it every hour & drink up to 10 glasses per day) take an 8 oz glass of freshly juiced carrot juice eight to ten times per day. The bulk of the juice should be made with carrot.. Some of the best cancer beating veggies to juice besides carrots which are the best is beetroot (1 quarter per glass of carrot juice) Broccoli & cabbage. Later in the day if you have room you can make a bowl of using as many different types of veggies as you can except iceberg lettuce as it has no nutrition in it. Avocados, jalapenos, lemons, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, cabbage, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, & any other veggie. But not too many onions though. You can add seeds, nuts (no peanuts) beans whole grains but no wheat. No dairy except cottage cheese. No meat, no sugar, no saturated & processed oils. The only oils you can have are cold pressed oils. No salad dressing. No outside food whatsoever. No extremely hot or extremely cold drinks. No soda drinks. No candy bars or chocolate unless it’s made from raw cacao. Do not get discouraged if you start to appear to be losing weight. Keeping your weight gain is not as important as killing the cancer. Kill the cancer first then you can work on gaining weight. The only fruit you can have as much as you want is lemons as they keep your ph level up most. When you juice make sure most of the juice is made up of carrots (over ½ the glass). Turmeric, spirulina, moringa, chlorella, wheat grass, barley & alfalfa all these powders & supplements are extremely good cancer killers that can be added to your diet & daily consumption.

This is an extremely powerful & proven effective protocol. One of the best treatments you can do at home. People come out on the other side in way better health than when they went in.


I have been cancer free now.

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