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May 29, 2019
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Before I came to SukhVeda Ayurvedic Wellness Ayurveda was very much a mystery to me. I had read a book about Ayurveda and was curious about finding out more. Thankfully I am relatively healthy so I wasn’t looking for any major cures, I really wasn’t sure how it could benefit me. At most maybe I’ve been a little sleep deprived but who isn’t really is what I had been thinking.

But I was amazed by the results I found quickly with Ritu. Her knowledge and passion for Ayurveda have really helped to improve my life overall. Ritu is a true teacher and Ayurvedic guide. She’s taught me that Ayurveda is most of all a way of life and following her guidance helped me to see major improvements in a short period of time. The most amazing part about it is that these are improvements I didn’t realize I was lacking. My mood improved, I now sleep soundly through the night, my relationship with my family is so much better I could cry, and my metabolism has much improved without starving myself or going on some fad diet. Who knew you could eat ghee and lose weight. I’m in love.

We started with a consultation where Ritu taught me about my doshas and imbalances. She developed a diet for me immediately to help restore balance to my body and life. The meal plan is simple to follow and consists of healthy easy to prepare meals. She also developed a treatment plan for me consisting of treatments to be performed at regular intervals. We started with Shirodhara. If you have not experienced this it’s a must. Warm fragrant oils flowing consistently over your third eye area allowed me to leave my body for a bit the amount of relaxation was beyond words. I would recommend though leaving time in the day after this treatment to relax into it instead of rushing back into the day.

As you can see I can go on and on about Ritu and her practice but I’ll leave it here for now. If you’re on the fence about trying it out I would definitely go for it.

Ayurveda Doctor: SukhVeda-DFW by Ritu Bhalla

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