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January 02, 2020
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Eleni & her Ayurveda have changed my life. I eat healthier but healthy, organic things against my skin, engage in healthy behaviors. Best of all, I am now empowered to improve my OWN health & well-being, to understand the root of symptoms, explore with wisdom, & resolve with great success the imbalances that undermine my health & well-being. For example, oiling & ginger tea have made even long-flight air travel a joy, instead of swollen, dry, & uncomfortable. In fact, I now feel great ALL the time, because I can give my body what it needs. And, Eleni is the warmest & lovely human being to work with. Understanding, caring, intuitive, brilliant. Her previous skills as a lawyer have served her well in amassing a tremendous wealth of knowledge AND wisdom in the Ayurvedic arts. As both a teacher and a practitioner, she is unparalleled. Go to her for treatment, for knowledge, for wisdom, for your well-being. You will be grateful that you did. 

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