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February 28, 2020
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Multiple Sclerosis

Being a Multiple Sclerosis patients. I have lost the hope to be healthy again as I have already lost my left eye vision 2 times due to this problem. But I have recovered too by allopathy treatment. Firstly, I opted allopathy treatment and then doctors said as u r MS patient so there are certain therapies in allopathy like one-day injection, one injection in every 2 days, one injection in every week or 2 injections in month and the cost of injections were too costly plus if I opted that treatment then still there was no certainly to rid of this disease because doctors said this problem only can be suppressed or control but not able cure completely.
Thankfully, I heard about Dr. Bharat Bhushan who is treating some MS patients and he assured me that I'll be completely healthy after some time and it's being 2 months and I'm taking his medicine and actually I feel better.
Thank you so much, sir, for giving me hope.

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