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February 28, 2020
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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Swati! She has given me so much hope for healing because of her genuine and loving nature, motivation, authenticity, and positive and professional demeanor. It feels like we have a true partnership in my healing process and I appreciate the friendship that has flourished from working together. I have so enjoyed working with her and she is one of the first practitioners that I can honestly say I'm able to fully trust. I HIGHLY recommend working with her!

I've been practicing bits and pieces of Ayurveda for a few years now, but Dr. Swati has taught me so much and has helped simplify the complexities of these ancient teachings. In just a matter of 3 weeks, I saw major shifts/transformation in my health and I am so so grateful. The beautiful thing about the protocol she has me follow is that the majority of it is based on mindfulness practices vs. having me take loads of supplements or herbs (like many other practitioners had me doing). Though I will say, I have chosen to purchase several of her oils and products, and have LOVED them all! Needless to say, I'm so excited to continue working with her and to see how my life continues to shift. She has restored hope for me!

I have always been one to take the holistic route with my health, and am a firm believer we have to look at both the mind and body when it comes to healing. Dr. Swati's approach to vibrant health is just that and I can't thank her enough!

Thank you, Dr. Swati, for following your divine blueprint and bringing healing to the world! You are a true gem and I am so thankfully our worlds collided (it was a graceful collide of course, ha)

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