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June 29, 2019
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Autoimmune Disease, Food Allergies
Functional Medicine

I came to Dr. Dishman’s practice in 2014, a mother of two young boys, the frenzy of a busy life driving me at full tilt. I am a physically active, adventurous, and passionate person, who is deeply committed to leading a full and inspired life. In spite of all my best efforts, I was feeling weak and unwell physically, and having trouble finding a path toward balance in my life.

I had been laboriously navigating the traditional medical system to treat my own auto-immune diseases, and my eldest son’s apparent food allergy for more than five years, when I was introduced to Dr. Dishman. Through my work with Dr. Dishman, I was able to seamlessly find a definitive answer my son’s health concerns that our pediatricians, allergy specialists, and endocrinologists were unable to solve. There was great relief in understanding what foods he should not eat, and what his path forward was to grow and thrive in full health.

She then helped me to turn the lens onto myself, to look into what steps to take to be the most whole and healthy version of myself. Dr. Dishman is a vibrant, engaged, and active woman with a full life; the sort of life that many of us all envision for ourselves: health, passion for arts and culture, travel, adventure, family, sports, cooking, celebration, connection. She is a wonderful example and guide on any person’s path toward whole living. I am grateful to have her guidance as I navigate my own path toward inspired living.

Her office is a beautiful, soothing, and inviting environment that I enjoy visiting. The location is convenient and she has a warm and welcoming staff. Appointments with Dr. Dishman are one on one. They are both efficient and thorough. She is a tremendously competent clinician and can marry the concepts of both traditional medicine with her vast knowledge of functional medicine, so that your health and well being are comprehensively considered. I would whole heartedly recommend working with her on your path toward a better you!

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