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January 29, 2020
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Naturopathic Medicine

My experience with SageMed has been phenomenal! My kids struggled with Gastrointestinal issues and poor immunity for years. We went to so many doctors and specialists with no answers and no improvements. Then we tried SageMed. Dr. Sage knew the right questions to ask and cared enough to get an in-depth history. We quickly had an accurate diagnosis and access to the treatments and supplements they needed. My boys said, “He’s like Dr. house but nice!”

Also, I had been struggling with hypothyroidism and going downhill quickly. I had already seen two endocrinologists when I called Dr. Sage for a phone consult. He immediately saw a problem with the timing and dosage of my medication. I felt better in days! Dr. Sage also showed me a better way to stretch my hip flexors, resulting in drastic improvement in my lower back pain. Seriously, his vast knowledge and diagnostic skills are incredible, pair that with the cutting edge treatments and supplements and the quality of care at SageMed can’t be beaten!

I highly recommend the therapist Marrie at SageMed, too! She has a great way of making teenagers at ease. I did most of my scheduling and billing issues on the phone with a girl named Taylor. She was so accommodating and helpful. We love SageMed!

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