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August 02, 2019
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It took 4 years of my leg slowly continuing to get larger and multiple tests, some of them taken twice before my problem came to ahead. Overnight my leg had swelled even more and it was painful to even walk. My primary care physician finally said maybe it was "lymphedema" but he did not know anything about the condition. My search for help leads me to Petra Schalk of Avicenna Lymphedema in Denver, CO. I first spoke to Igor who took the time to ease my fears and assure me Petra could make a difference. He was right. The results of my first massage treatment from Petra were evident immediately and I have steadily improved over the last couple of weeks. Petra has taught me how to wrap my leg and perform exercises that have helped me. Most importantly, she is an expert at measuring for the garments one needs to keep lymphedema in check and maintain my leg. Totally dedicated, focused and committed to helping lymphedema patients, Petra is a lifesaver. She has been my only hope in getting my life back to normal and returning to my very active lifestyle. I wish I had connected with her sooner but I am so glad she is helping me now. Teky Inglese

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