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May 30, 2019
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Chronic Pain, Knee Pain, Women's Health and Pregnancy

I’ve had the privilege to have been treated by Dr. Julie Grados for over 2.5 years. My body has gone through two pregnancies, a knee surgery, and many other aches and pains. Getting treated by the healing hands of Dr. Grados has been the best investment I’ve made. I come in with a heartache, anxiety or depressed, body aches and she not only restores my inner soul with her wisdom but through her healing hands through placing the needles on the points and then also with cupping I’ve been able to gain balance and health. I truly believe in the power of the healing hands through the energy the provider shares with her patient. Dr. Grados has been a blessing in my life. Grateful to have her be part of my healthcare and life team 💜❤️🤗 #goodhealth #bewell

Acupuncturist: Westchester Wellness Center

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