Acupuncture worked wonders for healing all my chronic pain

Marta Wiecek

Marta Wiecek


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Chronic Pain





I met Andrew for the first time in one of the pharmacies, where he was taking patients as a family doctor. I needed help I was in a lot of pain dealing with back spasms and a lot of stress. At that time I was trying to get rid of the spasms
With massages and swimming...didn't work. I did not know what was going on. Andrew prescribed some painkillers and muscle relaxants which released the spasm and I could finally stand straight and walk properly . Thought that was it, one off incident. I was wrong . The spasms came back, more tension and more misery. I reached out to Andrew again and it turned out he runs pain clinic in Paola . I met him again back in his clinic, I did some baby steps in meditation with Luke at the clinic aswell, but what mostly helped was Andrew making me belief that I can go pain free if I do the right things, the right foods and take natural supplements. It's only start of the journey and I I know that it's gonna take some time to fully recover , but I have the support. I am the support . What matters the most now , is I can sleep through the night, stand straight, walk fast and smile wide. Thank U Andrew, Matthew and the whole team for all u do for ppl struggling
With chronic pain. Xxx

Acupuncturist: The Pain Clinic

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