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June 28, 2019
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Spinal Stenosis

My friend and I have been clients of Dr. Chang for about 3 months now. I have severe scoliosis, and my friend has a seizure disorder which causes her to pass out and sometimes convulse (no western doctor has been able to diagnose her issue other than saying it isn't epilepsy). Dr. Chang has been able to help us both profoundly in a short time. My friend - who used to have multiple seizures in a single day - can now go for weeks without a seizure. My chronic back pain from scoliosis is much lessened. If you have intractable pain or other issues, please consider seeing Dr. Chang. He has a wonderful manner and is very skilled. His background in both eastern and western medicine gives him a broad perspective and therapeutic approach. He will help you. Very highly recommend.

Acupuncturist: Dr. Chang Sandalwood Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine 珈檀中醫.

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