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June 28, 2019
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High Blood Pressure

I started seeking acupuncture because my doctor kept trying me on several different types of blood pressure medication. The medicine was making me feel awful and I even started slipping in to a depression. While being treated for my blood pressure I found out that I could also be treated for my allergies! I am on my second month with Dr. Gaffney. I feel absolutely phenomenal. My friends and my family have noticed a complete turn around! I had my normal check up with my primary today and after being off the blood pressure medicine and faithfully attending my acupuncture appointments my blood pressure was 124/86. I am beyond stoked for the difference Dr. Gaffney has made in my life! Not to mention I'm about 3/4 complete with the allergy treatment and I have only taken ONE Allegra all month whereas I couldn't survive previously without at least 1 a day! I HIGHLY recommend this office! And as an added bonus the staff always are super pleasant and smiling! Thank you!!

Acupuncturist: Debra Gaffney, Acupuncture Physician

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