Acupuncture Treatment Helped me Get through Pregnancy

Brandy Pennington

Brandy Pennington


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Absolutely the best facility I have ever been to! Quiet, clean, professionally designed, with outstanding natural healing providers.

I see Cassandra for acupuncture. I first met her during my pregnancy, my labor was induced and I believe the acupuncture is really what helped me get through it.

We reconnected a few years later for therapies related to stress reduction. There was one particular session that stands out in my mind...I remember that when I went back to the office (my entire professional world was falling apart that day), I was as calm as the morning sun. I thought to myself: "Just put it on a sticky note and get to it later!". I carried a smile on my face the rest of the day because the acupuncture really works!

Since it worked so well on me, I knew it would be great for my kids...so I brought them in. Cassandra used some really great tools and pressure point techniques, which yielded fantastic results!

To give you some background, my nephew is vaccine injured ( I know we all have our own opinions... I PERSONALLY watched the change!!!!) and manifests signs of PTSD. We noticed an immediate difference in his ability to relate with others and to control his emotions and outbursts in public. Likewise, my spirited 6-year-old son who often seems like he could be classified as "oppositional defiance" (OK, maybe just spoiled?)...well anyway, whatever it was...it is now resolved! I personally witnessed a complete turn around with his behavioral issues. So much so that his kindergarten teachers nominated him for the student of the month! We will continue his treatments. It is also helping to enhance his relationship with his little brother--he is now nicer and kinder to him. In general, I notice more peace in our home, all from a little bit of acupuncture, patience, and love.

Cassandra always listens to my concerns before the session. She gives great counsel and suggests additional things that we can do outside of our appointments at the clinic. Listen to what she has to say! Her intuition and experience are worthy of your sincerest consideration.

We are clients for life!!!

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