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February 28, 2020
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Sometimes things in life happen for a reason whether by chance or by fate. Currently, I've been stressed out and dealing with a sports injury, Tennis Elbow. So I was searching for ways to heal naturally and find a massage therapist close to me when I came across Tai Chi and Wellness Ctr. There was a Groupon for a 90min acupuncture session. Being Asian-American and believing in a homeopathic remedy, I bought the Groupon after reading about the clinic and the physicians. When I met with Dr. Chen I was very impressed with his calm mannerisms, demeanor, and attn to details when I spoke of my concerns. It was amazing to me that he knew I was anemic just from asking me to stick out my tongue. We discussed my injury and why I was stressed out and set a plan for my treatment. Since our initial meeting, I have changed my diet for medical reasons and my elbow/joints feel great after the treatment. I'm fortunate my insurance company covers wellness but it was more economical to purchase the packages the clinic offered. I've had only 2 sessions and look forward to more sessions with Dr. Chen. Aside from my interaction with Dr. Chen, his staff is pleasant, kind, and patient. I like how I get notices via email and text of my appt. I like how the clinic has soft music and the aroma is clean with the essential oils.

Acupuncturist: Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center - North Reading

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