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May 29, 2019
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Chronic Foot And Ankle Pain, Neck Pain

I take weekly acupuncture back in San Francisco, so it was important for me to find an acupuncturist to help me with my chronic neck/feet/stress pains. I’m always skeptical of getting a new acupuncturist, as it takes time to build a bond and let them get acquainted with your body.
The first session, he adjusted my back, and it felt great! But the acupuncture wasn’t too pleasant since I didn’t let him know that I was having neck pains. But I decided to give it another try. I informed Leon of my stress, he did his magic, and for the first time in years, I felt an indulgence of utopia for several days. Another session I was starting to get a bug, stomach ache, nausea, and chills, and he intercepted so early on, that all of that went away in 1/2 hour!
Many sessions later, I haven’t been to any other acupuncturist. I also took Ashtanga classes with Leon & Veronica, they are great teachers and explain every move with scientific detail. I was able to learn more quickly and do moves in 3 weeks that I thought would take me years. Not to mention, being an acupuncturist, he taught me ways to reduce the constant wrist pain I was having while practicing Ashtanga.

Acupuncturist: Leon Acupuncture & Ashtanga yoga & Qigong

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