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I was trying to get pregnant and my physicians had recommended hysterectomy. 



I could write a book to how amazing Leslie has been in my life. My Acupuncturist gave me the most amazing gift in the world. I was told I could not have anymore children and we had been trying for sometime but I knew there was a little waiting on me. After my doctor told me to have a hysto I googled for help. Within an hour I found Leslie. We spoke on the phone for almost an hour. She made me feel so safe and her knowledge was comforting. After my very first session I was PREGNANT!! I couldn't believe it. I did everything she told me to do and it worked. She took care of me during my pregnancy and after. She even turned my little girl when she was breach!! Since then I drive 3 hours to see her for immune issues and she's worth it. I adore her! She has helped with other friends to get pregnant and heal physical pain. There is no one better then Leslie. If I lived across the world I would find a way to see her. Trust and know you are in the best care.

Acupuncturist: Grand Strand Acupunture

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