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August 02, 2019
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Muscloskeletal Pain

I was in a motorcycle collision last November. Hit head-on by an elderly woman who was driving on the wrong side of the street. Both my legs were broken in some capacity. The left was put back together with a titanium rod and 4 screws, and my right knee was rebuilt with 3 titanium screws holding everything back together. About two months later (after I got out of the ICU and my wheelchair) I began to see Aaron and Michelle once a week. Aaron for Massage Therapy and Michelle for Acupuncture. Probably the best decision I made for my recovery.

Aaron is an unbelievable therapist. He's got the hands for the relaxation massage, but that's not what I was interested in. I needed to get better. I wanted to walk again. Without his therapy, I'm confident I'd be nowhere near the recovery I'm at today (I just came back from Utah where I hiked over 7 miles at 8000ft altitude with a 25-pound pack on my back in one day). The fact that I can run and hike again is a true testament to his knowledge of therapeutic massage. Without going into too much detail, I'll fill you in on the best thing Aaron ever did for me that none of my doctors did. Flying to Chicago about 3 months after the accident I was still using my cane and getting progressively better. I stood up from a chair before take-off and my left leg muscle had effectively seized up. The scar tissue in the muscle had bound up on my new bone growth. I saw my orthopedic surgeon who told me it would get better with time. The problem was, it wasn't getting better and I couldn't walk anymore. Aaron saw me the day after my surgeon and told me it was going to hurt, but he could make it better. And he did. He spent the next hour rolling out the scar tissue away from the bone and within 24 hours I could walk again. It was like magic. Like, jump up and down with tears in my eyes so happy kinda magic. Aaron truly has been one of the best things to my recovery ever. I saw him for the first few months once a week and tapered off, but I still see him monthly if possible (Inbetween hiking and camping). If you want the best, you've found it.

Michelle specializes in acupuncture at BHC. She's a gentle, beautifully peaceful person who immediately set me at ease in her space. The traditional healing through acupuncture with Michelle was the perfect way to balance my recovery and help with the healing of my legs and mind. She dramatically increased my body's ability to heal. My circulation increased, I slept better and was physically much more balanced. Her space provided relaxation as well as a therapeutic environment that promoted my healing. I very easily find a meditative state with her calming presence and spirit. I cannot recommend Michelle enough. She's quite simply the perfect person for what I need in an acupuncturist and healer.

I'm so thankful for Ballard Health Care. I truly am a more active, healthier, and balanced person because of their care. 5 stars are the least I can give to a company that has helped bring my life back together.

Acupuncturist: Ballard Health Center and Wellness Spa

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