Gabriel Danilchik
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July 09, 2018
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Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain
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I had been suffering from lower back pain due to nature of my work doing manual labor. I tried doing a year or so of physical therapy for my lower back pain with little or no results (they even gave me a cortisone shot in the spine). To be fair I was doing a lot of manual labor at the time so perhaps never got the chance to heal.


I decided to give Acupuncture a try after few friends recommended. Treatment for my lumbar pain when it was really bad seemed to have a profound effect on it almost immediately, which in turn gave me a lot more motivation to do the core-strengthening exercises that protect an injured back.

Not only has acupuncture been helpful for my lower back but my frequent shoulder/rhomboid tweaks that can result in days of pain and immobility of my head and neck have subsided as well. I immediately had way more range of motion of my head and way less pain in my neck/shoulder. It was really incredible. Highly recommend!

(Side note: I'm also a big weenie when it comes to the needling; I think they sting when they go in. I wouldn't subject myself to that superficial pain if I weren't getting a huge payoff in the relief of more serious symptoms!)

 I think it is also noteworthy how much of an effect a few acupuncture sessions with Melissa Zappa of Flow Acupuncture have had.

EXPERT I'd like to thank: Flow Acupuncture, Melissa Zappa

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