Acupuncture did a lot to recover from my shoulder pain

Amy K


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Such a nice man! I've never gotten acupuncture before but I had what you call "dam" in Korean. You basically sleep weird and you can't turn your neck and it's pretty painful.

I did quite a lot of research on different acupuncture places because my main goal was to get cupping therapy since my shoulders/neck were already kind of in pain any way. I'm glad I came to Dr. Youngwoo because he listened, and conducted treatment in a professional but also caring way.

He basically ended up massaging my shoulder area on the worse side for a bit, per my request drew blood and did cupping therapy and finished with acupuncture. Honestly, I never believed in acupuncture or herbal/eastern medicine but I knew I wouldn't really get much done going to a massage therapist (too painful to touch) or a physician since I'd likely get muscle relaxers or get recommended physical therapy. Anyways, I'm glad I came, while it took a few days for my neck to come back to normal I felt GREAT after. I mean it's other factors as I've made some positive changes in my habits recently but I think I'll go back to him soon.

Would highly recommend, prices are super reasonable as well. He's across the entryway from Wilfit Gym so he's on the inside of that building, it's in the one as the Sbux and BoA, etc but make sure you go around or through the building to the other side. I believe he validates parking too!

Acupuncturist: Youngwoo Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic

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