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August 29, 2018
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About five years ago I started to get serious chest pains. I had my heart investigated and thankfully my heart is in great condition. This didn’t stop my chest pains or the psychotherapy sessions I was sent to as (“it’s all in your head”).

It turns out I have Costochondritis which was eventually diagnosed so I was told to rest up and take Naproxen. This was the worst thing to do as I just rested, put on weight, had to sleep sitting up and generally quite miserable. I took it on myself to see a physiotherapist that cured me within five weeks. I stretch at least twice a day and do the appropriate exercises and I don’t have any issues.

Happy ending? No... the Naproxen I’d been on for quite some time had aggravated my stomach lining and given me Gastritis. I had an endoscopy which confirmed this and I was told “don’t eat spicy food” from my doctor. Obviously I ignored these pearls of wisdom and did some research of my own. I came across this book and the reviews were great. Reading through it I realised I’ve had Gastritis long before it was confirmed so I followed the plan.



I did the 28 day healing plan but extended it to 6 weeks. I no longer have Gastritis symptoms and have taken myself off Ozemeprozole. I’m back cycling, in the gym and generally feel happy that I’m back to full health. I still follow a low acidic diet to a certain extent but I’m introducing new foods slowly.

This book was a life saver and was just what the doctor didn’t order. I don’t have any faith in doctors anymore.

Diet: Low Acidic Diet

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