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June 29, 2019
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Hand Pain

Dr. Chung is an accomplished acupuncturist who gets to the root of whatever issue is facing you and treats it in a holistic approach that alleviates your pain.
I've suffered from mild hand tremors (Essiential Hand Tremors is the medical condition) when a friend of mine told me that acupuncture might be able to help.
I've been going to Samra and Dr. Chung for the last three years and after my sessions with Dr. Chung the hand tremors are completely gone!
She felt that alcohol use might have caused them and said I should cut back my consumption dramatically. Not exactly news I wanted to hear, but I was never a big drinker...just wine with dinner EVERY night. I'm now down to wine with dinner once a week and the hand tremors have diminished almost entirely.
I highly recommend Dr. Chong and Samra and for you that might be afraid of needles...don't worry. She is so accomplished that you barely feel the needle.
All in all a great place serviced by an equally great Doctor.

Acupuncturist: Samra Clinic of Oriental Medicine

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