Tamara Suhenko
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Years of experience 11

Total years in practice: 11

Published Date
July 05, 2018
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Member Story
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Hypothyroidism, Weight Problems, Women's Health and Pregnancy
Exercise, Nutrition, Diet Therapy
Medical History

10 years ago I had a miscarriage. When I went to my gynecologist and when she saw me, she immediately told me that I need to check my hormonal status. I looked so bloated and without any energy, and I assumed that this was linked with my previous miscarriage. When results come back it was confirmed that I was suffering from hypothyroidism. It was a period when my overall health was impacted (dry skin, heavy feelings in my legs and arms, gastric problems appears), so what can I say, I was totally messed up. After a few months I also start to eat like crazy, I eat everything that got under my hand and so gained 48 pounds in a very short time (less than 6 months). The worst thing that happened to me was my struggle with my mood swings that followed me until recently. I even went to a shrink to solve my problem, but what really helped me was the team from nourish site. Thank you to heaven, now I can say that I am the old me, the person my husband fell in love with.



My biggest motivation was to save my marriage, because my husband began to lose patience with my mood swings. Now, we are love birds once again, even though we have been married for more than 16 years.

Encouraging Words

Be open to new suggestions, even if you believe that they are wrong, try them and judge only after that.

Excercise Description

I regularly go to aerobic twice a week and swimming once a week and I really feel great.

Treatment Description

When it comes to my diet, I wasn’t dedicated and I didn’t comply to the recommended diet because I had cravings. For years, I have been struggling with my unhealthy eating habits. I would start with some new diet and stick to it for a day or two and then I would go back to my previous habits. I knew I should eat more veggies and beans, but my cravings for sweets and fast food would always overcome what I knew. What has changed? A nutritionist from this team gave me a very good meal plan and explained what I need to do so I could avoid cravings. I was really surprised when I saw some desserts in this meal plan and her explanation was that even if I included something sweet in a moderate amount I will still lose weight and I won’t have any cravings. I was a skeptic at first, but I said to myself “well honey, let’s try this for a week or two”, and it really worked so I continue with this meal plan and I achieved my weight goal and now I don’t have cravings anymore, which is another plus. Another tip she gave me was that I needed to intake my medications for my thyroid and calcium supplementation with a pause of about 4 hours between. I really didn’t know that and nobody told me that I needed to make such a big pause between using them because calcium supplements interfere with proper absorption of thyroid medications, so for a long time I was incorrectly treated. It might be a little tip but it’s very important for proper treating when my disease is in the matter.

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