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July 05, 2018
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About the user: I am a supply chain professional. I have worked in Telecom industry. I am currently working as a freelancer / consultant..

Gender and Age: Female in late 40’s. My weight is 132 pounds and my height is 165 cms. I am a healthy female. I take annual check-up and ensure regular work-outs (either gym, yoga, or walking etc.). I have had tonsillectomy when I was 10 years old as per family physician’s advise, as I was falling ill frequently with cough and cold. However due to pollution in Indian roads, I started suffering from allergy cold cough some 10 years back.


Symptoms and Diagnosis: I remember very clearly the first time I had my allergic attack; I consulted my regular family physician in Bangalore. He diagnosed me and informed that I need to be given doses of steroids in certain intervals if I need to come out of this problem permanently. When I consulted my family and we discussed and debated on steroids, we decided to consult another physician. So my allergic journey started from here.

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History on treatment: The next physician whom I consulted, he started me on Allegra. I would get well with the prescribed doses of Allegra but again after few weeks, my allergy attack will start. This continued for several months. Allegra not only would cure me temporarily of my allergy, however it started aggravating gastritis due to regular usage. Then I stopped allopathic treatment and consulted an ayurvedic practitioner to find a permanent solution to my recurring issue. He prescribed me few ayurvedic medicines which I religiously started taking. My allergy attacks stopped. After 6-7 months, I thought of reducing dosage and coming out all medications. But the same could not happen. Once I stopped medicine, my attacks would start. Then after few months, the allergy attacks started recurring even while taking medication. So finally I had to stop ayurvedic medicine when I realized I am getting addicted to the medicine and actually not getting any real treatment.

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Meanwhile my husband had heard of an allergy specialist. So he took an appointment and took me to her. She took an allergy test which cost us a small fortune. It turned out that house dust, pollution and mites were the cause of my allergy. The doctor gave me certain instruction to ensure dust free atmosphere at home. Again she prescribed me Allegra. However to my surprise, I found Allegra has stopped working for me. I informed the doctor and she prescribed me "Priton CS" SOS. Priton CS was effective, however I started depending on Priton CS everyday to keep my allergy in control. This continued for few months. Again I found in spite of taking the necessary dose of Priton, my cough was getting worse. It became so worse that when I used to cough uncontrollably, I started wetting myself. This again continued for few days. In fact at that time I had plans to go to United States. I was leaving in a weeks’ time. My cough was getting severe. By God’s grace I remembered my friend who is a homeopathy practitioner, and called her in Mumbai. She sent me the medicine by courier which I started taking. The severity of my cough reduced in 2-3 days and I travelled to US without less hassle. Once again I was on medication, this time it was homeopathy medicine. This continued for a year and I was totally dependent on my medicines. I could not reduce the dosage or come out of it.

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In the meantime, I started taking interest in naturopathy cure. I started experimenting on natural cleanses like liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, stomach cleanse etc. I would start my day with vegetable juices (cucumber, carrot, lemon, mint, Indian gooseberry), a lemon juice in warm water, coriander seeds soaked overnight and made to juice, etc.

Though this is helping me and I am out of any medicine now. However I am not completely cured yet, but my condition is definitely improving. This is summer time now in India. I need to wait for winter when these allergies are worse. Hope to get out of my condition sooner.
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