Olena Radova
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July 05, 2018
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Medical History
 As a schoolgirl I had constant sinusitis (for more than 10 years). Each time I was prescribed antibiotics which eventually had no effect on me. Blocked nose and swelled sinuses caused a lot of headaches as well. When I turned 16 I decided to take the matter into my own hands as conventional medicine could not help me at all (at that time I still had to miss a lot of classes because of the illness).


I don't like doing yoga from A to Z - I prefer dynamic sport. But there are techniques that work for me - so I just follow them. Do not be discouraged if there is something I cannot do or eliminate - I do what I can. Perhaps, the success won't be 100% but even 30% is better that nothing.

Encouraging Words

Do what works best for you personally. Improvise and experiment and, eventually, you'll work out your own system of healthy living. Hare are couple of my favorite dishes:

Mid-spring salad:
1 tomato
1 cucumber
100 gr light (cottage) cheese
100 gr sour cream or light yoghurt (optional)
Eruka and green onion

Eruka is a fine substitute for salt so you don’t need additional salting the salad. Some people suffer from constipation because of cheese – in this recipe tomato easily fixes the problem.

Fiber omelette
2 eggs
2-3 tablespoons of oat bran or fiber
1 tablespoon of sesame fiber (tahini powder)

Whip the eggs and pour on a hot pan. Spray it evenly with fiber. Quickly turn on the reverse to fry no more than 5 seconds and then serve with fresh vegetables. It makes a wholesome lunch despite the small size of the portion.

Exercise Description

Irrigating my nose was the next step. I was not much into advanced yoga practice but took just this tool - learning to wash the nose with water so that I pour salted water into one nostril and out of the other. It took me a while to learn the technique and stop swallowing the water or letting it stay inside. The source said about two months but, as it came into a habit, I continued to do it for half year.

Dealing with headaches was still an issue. I believe I could have slightly harmed my brain blood circulation as a result of violent blowing the nose as a child - I blew it so strongly that I often had a bleeding nose afterwards. Medication was a relief but not a cure, really. So I practiced some meditation techniques. First, it was relaxation - I mentally went through my body, inch by inch, and "relieved" any obstacles that may impede my blood from running smoothly.  If there was a located pain (a migraine) I worked with it directly (by painting it in some color, setting a turn-off switch to it).

Because of my head problems, I avoid exercise that involves jumping or lowering the head as it may cause the headaches. I prefer bicycling as I live in the country and can easily travel up to 7-10 miles a day. It is also a good exercise where I can control my breathing and, again, avoid dizziness. One of the things I discovered about my problems (head and nose) is that it is particularly complex for me to workout indoors: I lack fresh air. And no kinds of gyms are good for me.

Treatment Description

I tried to improve my diet. I found out that dairy products may cause accelerated mucus production. Unfortunately, dairy products have always been my main food. I tried to eliminate them from my diet but it didn't work out. So, instead, I began drinking herbal teas that purify the blood and drive out toxins out of the body. I began to feel more energized as my blood started to run faster.

I don't like vegetables and fruit much. I prefer cereals and dairy products. But I learnt to incorporate "live" food into my diet by mixing what I like with what is healthy. For instance, to make the salad appealing I add cheese or yoghurt instead of oil. To enhance a sandwich I add finely chopped greens like parsley and eruka. I also took some dishes from the Mediterranean diet.

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