Tara Jaksic
adfa, South Hill, , Anguilla, 323232
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July 05, 2018
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Abdominal Pain, Acidity, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Indigestion
Exercise, Nutrition, Diet Therapy
Medical History

Hi my name is Tara and for a long time I have had very serious problems with my guts. One day I said to myself ENOUGH and I started to look over the internet to see if someone had any solution for my health problem so I found this web site and woala! I managed to solve my problem with theirs nutritionist who gave me some practical advice and literally told me how to chew and prepare my food, so after a meal I feel just satisfaction and there is not a feeling of torment and vomiting anymore. 

My problem with GERD started when I was in puberty and for a long time even my parents didn’t believe me that I have a health problem and they told me that it is just the result of stress and nervousness from school. In one moment I really started to have an eating disorder in a form of mild anorexia – not because I saw myself as fat but because I was terrified that after each meal I will feel sick. Then I started with many numerous examinations and at the end they found out that I am not a hypochondriac but that I have a GERD problem. I am very satisfied with this program that I follow now and I will continue to keep up with their advice.



I want to be healthy and enjoy life to the utmost. Here is a list of what I like the most:

-    Granola with yogurt
-    Bran with cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, sesame seeds and a slice of ham
-    So called yoga breakfast (raw minced wheat soaked in water mixed with walnuts, honey, apricots and apple and spiced with cinnamon, uu yummy! 
-    Sandwich with homemade spread of sour cream, chopped gouda cheese and celery
-    Tortilla with grilled fish or white meat and lots of baby spinach
-    Steamed veggies with garlic (my favorite are Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower in a béchamel sauce with cooked rice or macaroni). Try it, it is really tasty.

Encouraging Words

I can’t say that after a first meal I felt much better but after only a few days that awful burning sensation in the stomach and nausea had ceased and for me this was an excellent start. Nutritionist also told me that I should avoid soda drinks and stick only to water and chamomile tea.

Again in smaller sips, but it works and know even I can freely eat almost everything without fear that nausea or vomiting will occur. My advice is that you talk with some nutritionist first of all, keep in mind that even most stupid advice that he or she tells you, it might look ridicules they are probably right.  Be open and try some new things and always carry gum with you (again, seems stupid but it works if you are struggling with vomiting and nausea). And never ever eat late!

Exercise Description

When it comes to exercising, unfortunately my doctor had forbidden me to play any sport professionally, because I have a problem with my knees too. I trained an ongoing volleyball and now I only exercise twice a week, I go dancing. I really love sport and I'm so unhappy that I can no longer train more often.

Treatment Description

My nutritionist suggested that I eat homemade meals that are freshly prepared. She gave me a few really easy and quick recipes for breakfast which was my biggest problem, because I didn’t eat at home. I suppose I use the most common excuse: I don’t have any time to prepare breakfast and eat it at home, because I would be late for school. Guys, oh how I was wrong! I literally need to wake up just 15 minutes earlier so I could have time to prepare my breakfast. I need to emphases that now, when I regularly eat breakfast, I feel much better, I have more energy and above all I don’t have any GERD related problems. My nutritionist told me to use more dairy products instead of milk, so I start my breakfast with cup of yogurt every morning. Instead of ready to eat cereals, my nutritionist gave me a recipe to prepare my own cereals package such as homemade granola. My favorite variant of granola contains oats, almonds, sesame seeds and chopped dried fruit. I use mix of apricots, prunes, dates, figs, raisins previously soaked in a cup of warm water. This way, I don’t need to add extra sugar. Two tablespoons of it with a cup of yogurt and you will get not just a delicious meal but you won’t have any cravings between breakfast and lunch like I used to. I also use granola with freshly chopped combination of apple, ginger and cinnamon. This is a powerful combination for breakfast and I don’t suffer from lack of energy any more. As another suggestion, my nutritionist told me to include cooked quinoa, amaranth and millet with chopped celery, carrots and Greek yogurt. My first thought was that she is insane if she thinks that I will wake up with the first roosters and cook those cereals. The catch is that you soak them in water just before you go to bed and in the morning change the water and cook it for 15 minutes. I must admit that this kind of breakfast is really something new for me but it tastes good. I like to add a few drops of tamari sauce. For lunch and dinner now I eat more grilled meat and dark green veggies. Sometimes I eat bread and sometimes not. My nutritionist told me not to mix meat with mushrooms, potatoes and rice and this really works for me.  

At first when my nutritionist gave me my meal plan I was terrified when I saw the “amount” of food I should eat during a day. Then she explained that I should count to 30 for each bite before I swallow it, that is when I though she was crazy again – I know how to eat! She doesn’t have to teach me that. And again I was wrong.  My mistake was that I never had time for eating so I usually ate “by feet” and I suppose that most of us make the same mistake. Also, after each bite I need to make a break before a next one for at least 10 seconds. I must admit that this was a worse problem to solve than changing my eating habits, but I solved this problem very easy. I start eating my breakfast at home and I finished it in school (usually after the first class). This slowly eating gave me a few benefits: I don’t eat chocolate or candy any more, my weight is now stable and above all I don’t have any rash and acne all over my face and my hair is shiny again.

I had discussed with an Ayurveda practitioner and she recommended a herb that could help with digestion as well.  Though I haven't tried but it might be worth talking to practitioner about it.

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