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Around the world over thousands of years, patients have received root-cause holistic treatment for their diseases with personalized treatment, diet and lifestyle modification recommendations. Read the inspiring true stories of practitioners who heal people and who recovered from their problems after Functional-Medicine treatment at their clinics. Many have been generous to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of other holistic experts and patients alike. Many practitioners share their Case Studies and the healing powers of Functional-Medicine and related therapies as they heal people who benefited from our expertise.

I'm leaving a good mark on this page in the hope that people will see it and think about what I've written! There are a few places in my life that have meant more to me than this clinic. They are multi-faceted, kind of like a crystal ball! If I have an issue with food, which I believe most do that come through their doors, there is a coach that you can contact; if there is a question about nutritional information, there is a dietetic for that; there is a way of movement which is important for your physiology AND your body type, there is an exercise coach; if you have medical questions or need to know how to take one of their testings we go through, there is a nurse; if you need supplements they are available and someone to help you with it (he also knows IT stuff which makes finding Owls and Zoom a breeze (and happy to answer any questions about your cell phone; if you need a financial specialist that knows what you need and how to get it, there's a person for this; if you need a good receptionist who keeps everyone pretty much in the know, she's there too. Testing techniques are epic.
If you need a doctor-scientist with i-don't -know-how-many degrees behind his name, he's there. His idea and ideals of them all come down to one thing...they care, they know, and positive results are just a matter of time. If I've left anyone out I apologize. And after sleeping overnight, I realize I did leave some things out! If you're a reader, Barbara Kinslover's book, 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' is the book on review with their book club; and a host takes you through a herb garden and has knowledge of their health benefits. I totally love this place and all they have to offer. If you follow their lead, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Epic Functional Medicine Clinic. I think you saved my life!

Functional Medicine Doctor: EPIC Functional Medicine Center


I trained with Dr. Matteoli and know her to be a top-notch physician. She truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to give them the care they deserve. During residency, she introduced me to functional medicine, and I tried an anti-inflammatory diet with her. Although I wasn't feeling poorly before, on this diet I felt amazing. I was full and satisfied without cravings. I had tons of energy despite working 80 hours per week. I have since shared this diet with many of my own patients. Most of them feel better and lose weight, and many have been able to come off medication for various medical conditions. Two of my patients with rheumatoid arthritis saw their joint pain resolve on this diet, and they were able to come off immunosuppressant medications. Give Dr. Matteoli a try; you will be glad you did.
Emily O'Rourke, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor: Origins Functional Medicine


The diagnosis of the condition was done using an "elimination diet". Even though there are many tests out there these days, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the gold standard is an elimination diet. This is performed by removing high histamine foods for 30 days and then slowly re-introducing them one at a time. If your symptoms resolve then you most likely have histamine intolerance (or can be applied to any type of food sensitivity). Once the condition was diagnosed, the treatment was:

(i) Stabilize your mast cells by eating blueberry, pomegranate, parsley, etc

(ii) Take binders to get rid of the histamine and toxins from the body

(iii) Eat a low histamine diet 

(iv) Eat a rotational diet - this is the most important advice I can give ...Many of the folks tend to be on a diet that is low in nutrition that eventually led to nutritional deficiencies and that goes into a vicious cycle

(v) Heal and seal your gut - use supplements to boost your Vitamin b6, b12, vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, probiotics

(vI) Support your methylation - take supplements such as Calcium d-glucarate, glutathione, 


Dr. Tuchinsky gave me my life back. I have had health issues dating back to 1987 when I first got Rheumatoid Arthritis. The fatigue was overwhelming!! Enbrel made my Arthritis better in 2000 but shortly after that, I was diagnosed with bipolar and hypothyroidism. This past year I pretty much just slept away with absolutely no energy even though I was getting good treatment for all the illness I had. When I read about Dr. Tuchinsky's seminar at a local restaurant, on Facebook, I signed up and researched Dr. Tuchinsky in advanced and he has great reviews. He has been treating over 30,000 people in the 38 years he has been in practice. His treatment is unique. I literally felt better in 3 days and amazing after the first 3 weeks!! My family and friends had been skeptical but my energy is at a peak and I feel as great as I did before Arthritis when I was only 28!! And, as a result of his way of eating I gave up the caffeinated soda I was addicted to for energy and I don't ever think about drinking it anymore!! Thank you so much Dr. Tuchinsky for giving me my life back!!!

Functional Medicine Doctor:  
Florida Functional Medicine Dr. David Tuchinsky, DC 


I recently attended a seminar by Dr. Tuchinsky at a local restaurant. That night changed my quality of life in three short weeks. Prior to the seminar, I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain, bloating, headaches, irregularity, and fatigue. I didn’t want to go the traditional route with a medical doctor treating the symptoms and not the cause. I took to the internet and researched my symptoms. I had all the symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome. It was very confusing because there was so much information about contradictory treatment solutions. I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat and what to do. I was impressed with the information on his website. The thing that impressed me the most at his seminar was his statement, “I don’t guess, I test!” I was still a little skeptical but what did I have to lose. I was tired of feeling sick.

Dr. Tuchinsky did extensive blood work and spent time with me going over my information and got a thorough background on my health. The next week I received a detailed report on the results. I was shocked at how many issues I had. He tailored an individualized six-week plan to address two different issues based on my results. He then designed a treatment plan detailing what to eat, foods to avoid and gave me quality physician grade supplements for each week. After the first week, I felt a little better and had more energy. The second week I felt a lot better but still had some pain and much more energy. Today when I went in at the third-week mark, I was shocked and excited to report no pain after eating, energy levels better than can remember having. Most symptoms are gone! He wasn’t surprised, it was the results he expected, right on schedule.

Now I start on the other issue over the next three weeks, the Liver Support Phase, not with skepticism but confidence. He says it is not magic or rocket science, but it was for me!

Functional Medicine Doctor: 
Florida Functional Medicine Dr. David Tuchinsky, DC 


I highly recommend Dr. Tuchinsky. I was skeptical at first but my results were the proof I needed.

I came to Dr. T about 3.5 months ago and I was a hot mess medically. I have diagnosed with 2 autoimmune disorders.... fibro 15 yrs ago and just recently H
ashimotos. My thyroid went wacky and started to attack my body. I was lethargic, overweight, body pain constantly, nails peeling, very bad mood swings, headaches, joint pain with swelling. So bad I couldn’t tie my shoes!

Well, the AMAZING transformation has begun.......
I’ve lost 36lbs and 4 pant sizes, the pain level is manageable, nails are growing, heartburn and headaches left and I FEEL GREAT!!!!! My numbers are in line and on my way to healing 😊

FINALLY, a Dr. that LISTENS to you and gets to the root of your issues. Not just prescribing one medicine after another as that was my protocol for the last 15 yrs! I am pharmaceutical drug-free, eating healthier and without getting the testing done I would have never known about my allergies to foods either!

I could go on and on with the positive things that are occurring but I’ll update again with more amazing results!

THANK YOU, Dr. T., You have changed my life around!!

Functional Medicine Doctor: 
Florida Functional Medicine Dr. David Tuchinsky, DC

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