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Around the world over thousands of years, patients have received root-cause holistic treatment for their diseases with personalized treatment, diet and lifestyle modification recommendations. Read the inspiring true stories of practitioners who heal people and who recovered from their problems after Diet-Therapy treatment at their clinics. Many have been generous to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of other holistic experts and patients alike. Many practitioners share their Case Studies and the healing powers of Diet-Therapy and related therapies as they heal people who benefited from our expertise.

I would like to give my sincere gratitude for helping me to lose my extra kilos. Be it in person or be it dealing with your clients online,
You always stick to your commitments towards your clients.
I am really thankful to you because you not just helped me to lose 14 kgs but you also helped me in getting my other health issues back to normal.
Your Diets are not just flexible to follow but parallelly provide great energy to carry out my day to day routine very smoothly without any problem especially for a working lady like me whose day starts with a rush and ends with a rush .�
But your diet plans are really easy to carry out with too many options which never made me go off the diet at any moment.

You are a true inspiration for all of us. Your great guidance and 24 hours support never made me feel that I dealing with you online. I always admire your hard-working to your clients.
I love your diet plan Neha...Best wishes 4 u always... Renu Di��

Dietitian: Diet Care Wellness Clinic


I bumped into Divya Ma’am on insta a few months back and it’s been a transformational journey for me ever since! Her diets have been super easy to follow and I’ve had my cheat days too. Her diets are simple home remedies. I had proper meals like chapati, dal, and rice too! I strongly recommend her to those who want to lose weight or want to increase their metabolism. Her app “Diet n Cure” helped me a lot in maintaining my weight. Follow her on Instagram as well as on youtube for more tips and tricks!
I also took her 21 days challenge #21dayschallengewithdivya.
Her diet plans are so pocket-friendly!
They offer you 7 Days Diet Plan for Rs799 only!
If you really wanna reduce weight without being starved then you should really join “Diet n Cure” as she is very supportive.
There has been a tremendous inch loss.
I had tried several dieticians before but they use to starve me but she gave me such an easy diet!
If you want to make a healthy change then don’t think twice, just reach out to her!
I will recommend her to my friends and family without any doubt.
Really looking forward to doing more!

Dietitian: Diet and Cure Clinic


I have been visiting Dr. Cheenam for the past one year and have lost nearly 17-18 kgs...
The most important part about the diet she gives is that it doesn't starve you so you eat a lot and lose a lot...
It's not just about losing weight but it has changed my perspective on eating right. I no more crave for any junk or unhealthy foods.
Overall it's not a modification in my body but also my mindset and my lifestyle.
I would highly recommend her as an extremely friendly and cooperative dietitian who will help you achieve your body goals whether gaining or losing weight or even if you suffer from any medical condition.

Dietitian: Nourish-The Diet Clinic


The diagnosis of the condition was done using an "elimination diet". Even though there are many tests out there these days, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the gold standard is an elimination diet. This is performed by removing high histamine foods for 30 days and then slowly re-introducing them one at a time. If your symptoms resolve then you most likely have histamine intolerance (or can be applied to any type of food sensitivity). Once the condition was diagnosed, the treatment was:

(i) Stabilize your mast cells by eating blueberry, pomegranate, parsley, etc

(ii) Take binders to get rid of the histamine and toxins from the body

(iii) Eat a low histamine diet 

(iv) Eat a rotational diet - this is the most important advice I can give ...Many of the folks tend to be on a diet that is low in nutrition that eventually led to nutritional deficiencies and that goes into a vicious cycle

(v) Heal and seal your gut - use supplements to boost your Vitamin b6, b12, vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, probiotics

(vI) Support your methylation - take supplements such as Calcium d-glucarate, glutathione, 


Sports nutrition generally is an area that is literally awash with "celebrity" endorsed bullshit, pseudoscience, dietary decrepitude, and woo-fuckery. It seems every 5 minutes there is a new fad diet or trend that everyone swears by, despite there being no evidence to actually support that it works.

Taryn Richardson - Dietitian / Dietitian Approved is none of the above.

It is science-based, proven nutritional advice that just works.

Taryn works with the AIS, and although she would never admit it, she's a pretty damn good athlete herself and a great training partner. She always pushes me to my limits on the bike.

I did the Dietitian Approved 30-day challenge as part of my build-up to the Tweed Enduro 70.3 in 2017 and this year too. It helped enormously. I dropped a spare tire around the waistline and managed to go without booze for a month and a half.

As if all that wasn't enough, she came to the race on the weekend and cheered me and her other clients and friends on, and took some awesome photos too


It was all over my body. My wife did some searching on google and came across the site of Dr. Joshi's clinic in Rajkot. Dr. Joshi agreed to take me on as a patient and I finished a 15-day course of therapy at the start of February 2014. The therapy involved everyday Ayurvedic massage, adherence to a strict diet, relaxation, and meditation. At the conclusion of the treatment, the majority of patches of psoriasis had gone and a week later, I was totally obvious. Since returning to the UK, I've kept to a vegetarian diet and continued to use the ayurvedic teas provided by Dr. Joshi. My skin stays clear and I feel great, physically, and emotionally.

Dr. Joshi and his staff have helped me through a crisis with my skin and their treatment was extremely effective. As anyone who lives with psoriasis understands, it's a really cruel illness to live with and western medicine has as yet failed to get a satisfactory method of controlling it without serious adverse side effects. The Ayurvedic treatment applied by Dr. Joshi seems to be somewhat effective for sufferers of psoriasis and beneficial to general well-being.

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