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Around the world over thousands of years, patients have received root-cause holistic treatment for their diseases with personalized treatment, diet and lifestyle modification recommendations. Read the inspiring true stories of practitioners who heal people and who recovered from their problems after Acupuncture treatment at their clinics. Many have been generous to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of other holistic experts and patients alike. Many practitioners share their Case Studies and the healing powers of Acupuncture and related therapies as they heal people who benefited from our expertise.

Sometimes things in life happen for a reason whether by chance or by fate. Currently, I've been stressed out and dealing with a sports injury, Tennis Elbow. So I was searching for ways to heal naturally and find a massage therapist close to me when I came across Tai Chi and Wellness Ctr. There was a Groupon for a 90min acupuncture session. Being Asian-American and believing in a homeopathic remedy, I bought the Groupon after reading about the clinic and the physicians. When I met with Dr. Chen I was very impressed with his calm mannerisms, demeanor, and attn to details when I spoke of my concerns. It was amazing to me that he knew I was anemic just from asking me to stick out my tongue. We discussed my injury and why I was stressed out and set a plan for my treatment. Since our initial meeting, I have changed my diet for medical reasons and my elbow/joints feel great after the treatment. I'm fortunate my insurance company covers wellness but it was more economical to purchase the packages the clinic offered. I've had only 2 sessions and look forward to more sessions with Dr. Chen. Aside from my interaction with Dr. Chen, his staff is pleasant, kind, and patient. I like how I get notices via email and text of my appt. I like how the clinic has soft music and the aroma is clean with the essential oils.

Acupuncturist: Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center - North Reading


As a therapist myself and not able to treat myself (maybe I should have chosen acupuncture then I would've been able to!) I carry a lot of stress and have a stiff neck. I called Chantal and have had 4 sessions over a month or so, there is definite change and improvement though it’s hard to ‘pin down’ (pardon the pun) what it is - changes in mood I was surprised about - definitely something to consider, which is the conclusion I came to, and then I did, and I'm glad I have. On a personal note Chantal is an absolute delight, and a mind of amazing information and help 

Acupuncturist: Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds


I struggle with severe reproductive health issues, and have for about 7 years now. I’ve tried many medications and preventative measures over the years, and this spring my illness got to the point in which I was in so much pain that daily functioning became difficult. All my doctor could do was prescribe heavy narcotics to try and dull the pain. The only step left was an invasive surgery that has little long-term benefit. I made the appointment with the surgeon but was unsettled. I shared this with a friend who told me to check out Thompson Family for acupuncture. I was skeptical but I made an appointment. The week before my first acupuncture appointment, I almost went to the ER twice from the pain. After three treatments and taking herbs and following the food suggestions, I was completely pain free. That was back in February and I haven’t had my painful symptoms since. Honestly, I was so skeptical of acupuncture and I hate needles, but I cannot ignore the extreme results I have received. Instead of just treating the symptoms and giving me more pills, eastern medicine focuses on the cause and in turn the symptoms are helped.


I went in for treatment of a nagging hip injury with acute pain that had not responded to traditional orthopedic treatments including nsaids, cortisone injections, and physical therapy. Foti gave me one treatment which included, acupuncture (with tens), and heat therapy. Tonight I am pain-free after suffering from this injury since October of last year.
I went at the suggestion of my daughter, who is also a practitioner, but who now lives in Seattle and is unavailable to treat me here. I looked for someone with the same credentials and training and was very happy to find Foti and can highly recommend his caring approach to an effective outcome.
I will be going back for follow up treatments on a regular basis.....


I first met Lindsey about 6 months after my (now three-year-old) daughter was born. I was suffering from postpartum depression, debilitating back pain, and excess hair loss. I was terrified of needles but so desperate. Lindsey was calm, patient and helped me adjust to the needles. After one treatment my back pain was nearly gone and my husband could see a noticeable difference in my mood and outlook on life. In addition to the wonderful treatments, Lindsey gave me many nutritional tips to help boost my depleted system.

When I got pregnant again, I had the benefit of seeing Lindsey through the entire pregnancy and immediately after the birth of my second. The difference between the two pregnancies and recoveries was night and day!! I bounced back much faster and did not suffer from postpartum depression even though I was considered extremely high risk.

I have and continue to recommend Lindsey to moms or women suffering from any type of hormone imbalance. Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and I have witnessed first hand what an amazing and profound difference it makes!!


Thank you, Dra. Kyung/Eliz Lee for treating other people's pain through your expertise in Acupuncture. :)

My boyfriend is suffering a shoulder and back pain since 2018. He always goes to the hospital to know what is wrong with his body. He takes medicine but it has no effect, the pain is still there. He also suffers from insomnia because of stress. Until one time he met someone and talked that he is suffering a shoulder and back pain, thank God because she had shoulder and back pain also when she is in abroad. She told him that Acupuncture is the solution to his problem. We are thankful because we have Acupuncture Clinic here in Mindoro. By the way, He had 7 sessions now, the results of every session are amazing! 😍 He feels no pain now and he also has a good sleep. Thank you! Thank you! 😊

PS. I also try Acupuncture in my face, I had 3 sessions and I love the result. I look 5 years younger! 😍 My face is so slim like Dra. Eliz 😊 Thank you, Dra. Kyung/Eliz! You're so very kind to us. More clients to come! 😊

Try Acupuncture to prove it yourself! 😁

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