What is low libido?

Your sexual drive is a pretty good indication of your overall health. That is because your libido is a direct reflection of your overall hormonal balance and hormones are the master regulators of virtually every system, organ and procedure in your body, such as your emotions, mood, and consciousness itself. And this goes far beyond just raising or lowering your testosterone and estrogen levels. There are almost a hundred known hormones as of this writing, each one playing a crucial part in your health and wellness. But despite being a massively intricate and complex biological system, your libido levels are a simple way to enhance your body's overall health and functioning.

What causes low libido?

Many factors may impact sex drive, like your relationship, stress level, dietary intake, or health. But if you do not have some of these problems, how come you aren't in the mood? Perhaps it's the hormones that affect sex drive.

About 25% of women of reproductive age and 50% of postmenopausal women suffer from diminished libido. So if you thought you were alone in that, you aren't. Additionally, it is normal for sex drive to wane with time.

Though we have not precisely identified which hormones dictate sex drive, we do understand that hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen, are abundant when we're younger, and decrease as we age.  Since we all know our bodies are producing less estrogen and testosterone, a crucial determinant of the production of the hormones is cortisol, the stress hormone.

Low libido symptoms

If you wish to have sex less frequently than your spouse does, neither one of you is always beyond the norm for individuals at your stage in life -- although your differences can lead to distress. When libido is diminished, men have fewer sexual thoughts and dreams and less interest in sex, and they participate in sexual activity less often. Even sexual stimulation, by landscapes, words, or touch, may fail to provoke interest. Men with low libido frequently retain the capacity for sexual function and might sometimes continue to engage in sexual activity to meet their partner.

Similarly, even if your sex drive is weaker than it once was, your connection could be stronger than ever. The bottom line is that there is not any magic number to specify a low sex drive. It varies between women.

- Having no interest in any type of sexual activity, including masturbation

- Never or only infrequently having sexual fantasies or thoughts

- Being concerned by your lack of sexual activity or dreams

Natural treatments for low libido

Among the greatest factors that might be affecting your sex hormones is the dietary intake. Getting in enough foods full of omega-3 fats help to encourage nerve and neurotransmitter activities that assist in sexual functioning while foods rich in zinc like pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, spinach, and eggs support appropriate and speedy blood circulation to all the proper places. However, a diet which lacks essential vitamins and minerals and is full of chemical preservatives and additives may be having the opposite effect in your mojo.

Research shows that processed, chemically-derived food products like diet soda may increase your risk of weight gain and lead to hormonal imbalance, resulting in weakened sexual desire. Inadequate fat intake from low-carb diets may significantly reduce testosterone levels, which makes it more difficult to get in the mood. Separately, traditional meat and dairy products that are produced from animals that are grain-fed and injected with hormones can slow digestion and interrupt your body's natural hormonal balance.

So what's the ideal diet for sex drive? Diverse, whole-food-based nutrition program that emphasizes organic plant foods, healthful fats, and well-sourced animal products is an essential preliminary step to correcting a diminished libido. You can also receive a boost from certain herbs and supplements.

 When everything seems to be in about as good a location from a diet & lifestyle perspective as it is going to be your sex drive is still low, there are some organic herbal supplements which may help nudge your body's libido in the ideal direction.


It may be a good idea not to ignore a low libido. Just like any other health concern, it should be taken care of for a happy & healthy life. Many factors can be at the root cause, but diet & lifestyle modifications can help

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