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Diet Therapy Treatments For Women's Health And Pregnancy

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Dieting During Your Pregnancy: What does diet during pregnancy mean? When we refer to diet while pregnant, we're not talking about restricting calories or attempting to drop weight. Dieting to lose weight during pregnancy can be hazardous to you and your baby, especially since a weight loss regimen can confine important nutrients like iron, folic acid, and other essential minerals and vitamins. The American Pregnancy Association recommends avoiding popular diets like Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, Raw Food Diet, etc. The sort of diet we promote during pregnancy describes fine-tuning your eating habits to ensure you're receiving adequate nutrition for the health of you and your baby. Healthy eating during pregnancy is essential to your child's growth and development. So as to get the nutrients you need, you must eat from many different food groups, including fruits and vegetables, bread and grains, protein sources, and dairy products. Typically, you'll have to consume an additional 300 calories each day. It's always important to eat a variety of foods during the day ensuring you get the nutrients both you and your baby need. Here's a look at the food groups and a few suggested sources for making a healthy diet during pregnancy.

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Yoga Treatments For Women's Health And Pregnancy

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Yoga for pregnant women has been regarded as beneficial by many studies. During pregnancy, there is an increase in the weight of the women to nourish and support the fetus. During this period, due to the fetus, there is pain and ache in the joints and muscles of the body. As a result, the physical and mental health of the female is disturbed during pregnancy. Similarly, there is a hormonal change in the body of the female, which results in mood swings within the body. Thus, yoga is of prime importance for pregnant women.  Yoga poses, which are advised during the pregnancy, involve stretching exercises that help in the movement of the joints and muscles in the body. Stretching helps to prevent and ease the pain of muscles and joint aches. Yoga even improves the circulatory system of the body, along with the hormonal release of the body. Exercise helps in the release of hormones like endorphins, which boost the mood of women during pregnancy. Yoga helps in calming the mind, which further helps in reducing the stress and anxiety levels during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy-related lower back pain is a common pregnancy problem. Many studies have been conducted to study the effects of yoga on lower back pain during pregnancy. It was observed that there was a positive correlation between yoga and a reduction in pain intensity during pregnancy. A significant decrease in lower back pain, along with a gradual decrease in pain intensity, was observed in the subjects. As per a study, pregnancy is often associated with psychological conditions. These studies assessed the effects of yoga on various psychological conditions such as mood, quality of life, stress, and relationships. It was seen that yoga significantly improved these psychological aspects as well as decreased the adverse psychological effects of pregnancy. All these studies concluded that yoga for pregnant women is essential to have a healthy gestation period.

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