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Ayurveda Treatments For Hypothyroidism

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The major function of the thyroid gland is to regulate the body's metabolic rate and maintain oxidative metabolism in most of the tissues. According to Ayurveda the metabolic function of the body is related to Agni, and through its management; the normal functioning of the thyroid gland may be achieved.  Ayurveda for thyroid offers its holistic approach for a complete cure by various means, which involves cleansing of the body, its macro, and micro-channels (Srotoshodhana), stimulation of the digestion and metabolic system. It also regulates the proper functioning of the excretory system through Vatanulomana.  Ayurvedic cleansing of the body through herbal remedies helps balance the body's energy and restore the normal circulation of thyroxin throughout the body tissues.

It has become common to easily detect thyroid malfunction yet the patient’s thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, T4, thyroid antibodies, etc.) fall within the normal limits. The patient is usually riddled with symptoms of hypothyroidism (hair falling, depression, TSH levels are high). 

The second scenario is where the thyroid hormones are low, and the doctor immediately prescribes thyroid medication, yet the patient presents to me still fully symptomatic, with continuing symptoms of thyroid imbalance even while on the prescribed medication:  weight gain, hair loss, depression, swelling in the extremities, heartbeat arrhythmias, constipation, cold hands and feet, muscle cramping, and irregular menstrual cycles.

In Ayurveda for Thyroid, the protocol is trying to wean off from medication over several weeks’ to months’ time, at the same time address the malfunctioning thyroid.  As we go through life, stress can weaken the glandular system and it can malfunction.  So proper rest for the body is essential. Only when the body is getting proper rest can and do herbs help to strengthen the glands so they can regain their full function.

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