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Ayurveda Treatments For Agoraphobia

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Agoraphobia is a fear of becoming, in one way or another, when there is no exit, or the departure could be too hard or embarrassing. Agoraphobia often manifests in conjunction with the complete spectrum of anxiety disorder symptoms, making it more challenging to diagnose. To a great extent, phobias remain untreated, likely because lots of men and women aren't able to understand the irrationality or the excessive level of their anxieties. That's the reason statistics on the number of individuals suffering from phobias fluctuate widely. Phobias can occur in early childhood and are often first seen between ages 15 and 20. They affect men and women equally. But men are more likely to get treatment for phobias.

Treatment of phobias in line with Ayurvedic medicine? Agoraphobia treatment by modern medicine generally includes both medication and psychotherapy. It could take a while, but treatment can help you to get better, sometimes combined with techniques like desensitization, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Psychotherapy means working with a therapist to set goals and learn practical skills to decrease your anxiety symptoms. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a good type of psychotherapy for anxiety disorders, including agoraphobia. Normally a short-term therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on teaching you specific skills to better endure anxiety, directly challenge your worries, and slowly return to the activities you have avoided due to anxiety. Through this procedure, your symptoms improve as you build on your initial success.

If it's not treated correctly, phobias may become worse to the extent that severely damages our wellbeing, even just with our efforts to conceal it, and what about the side effects on our health. Fear of flying, as an instance, can make us give up all kinds of aviation, and for that reason, miss significant opportunities for consciousness, which may alter our lives for the better.

According to Ayurveda, Agoraphobia is because of the vitiation of prana Vata (A subtype of Vata). Its vitiation causes anxiety and panic attacks. There are particular herbal remedies provided by Ayurveda to take care of this. Ayurvedic herbs provide herbal remedies like Brahmi Capsules, Ashwagandha, and herbal teas for ayurvedic treatment of agoraphobia. These herbal remedies are prepared from herbs and are natural and vegetarian. 

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