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Mr. Trevor Allen

Alternative cancer treatments | Dance Therapy | Energy therapies | Faith h...

Victoria ,Australia
 Years of experience  64

Dr. John Fudens hmc dvm ph


Idaho ,United States
 Years of experience  53

Dr. Len Saputo

Holistic medicine

California ,United States
 Years of experience  50

Dr. Danielle Duperret

Alternative cancer treatments | Applied kinesiology | Aromatherapy | Auric...

Nevada ,United States
 Years of experience  40

Ms. Robin Cunningham

Aromatherapy | Bach flower therapy | Craniosacral therapy | Crystal healin...

New Mexico ,United States
 Years of experience  40

Mrs. Sunni Madrid

Energy therapies | Mega-vitamin therapy | Mind–body intervention | Endocri...

Colorado ,United States
 Years of experience  36

Neil Cox


Gauteng ,South Africa
 Years of experience  35

Dr. Essie Woods

Holistic medicine

Tennessee ,United States
 Years of experience  35

Dr. Robert Kornfeld

Functional medicine | Holistic medicine

New York ,United States
 Years of experience  35

Dr. Sarai s Stuart phd nd

Alternative cancer treatments | Colon hydrotherapy | Creative visualizatio...

Texas ,United States
 Years of experience  35
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