Acupuncture 针灸

Practitioners of acupuncture or of other disciplines can join to discuss acupuncture points or protocols that are effective for certain diff ....

Symptoms : Abscessed Tooth

Conditions : Anorexia

Age group 18 to 99 years

Herbal Formula 本草纲目

Practitioners of TCM or of any others discipline can participate. We wish to share your success in using certain formulas to treat difficul ....

Symptoms : Abscessed Tooth, Alcohol Addiction, Alzheimer’s Disease, Athlete’s Foot

Conditions : Anal Itching

Age group 18 to 99 years

Traditional Chinese Herbs

This group is about learning Chinese herbs.

Symptoms :

Conditions :

Age group 19 to 75 years

Symptoms : Abdominal bloating

Conditions : Abdominal bloating

Age group 20 to 20 years

Heart beats

To know more about your heart...

Symptoms : Acne

Conditions : Cervical Spondylosis, CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia), Gluten Allergy, Gum Disease

Age group 20 to 99 years

Nutritional Cleansing

This group is to introduce, educate and inspire others in their self-healing journey through the power of using food as medicine and providi ....

Symptoms :

Conditions :

Age group 18 to 99 years

Coaching for Wellness/Health/Lifestyle Coaches

To empower coaches to be powerful and bold leaders for themselves and for their clients. To achieve new levels of health, wealth and prospe ....

Symptoms :

Conditions :

Age group 18 to 99 years



Symptoms :

Conditions : Boils

Age group 18 to 70 years

Healing with Chakras

Explore 7 chakras, its meaning and how exploration of chakras can help attain balance in life and help with depression.

Symptoms :

Conditions : Cystic Fibrosis, Peeling Fingertips

Age group 19 to 99 years

Western Herbal Medicine

Western herbal medicine differs from Chinese medicine in some aspects. (more to come) In this group, you may share your experiences on any ....

Symptoms :

Conditions :

Age group 9 to 9 years

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